Monday, February 9, 2009

little update

My hoping and wishing that I wasn't going to get sick didn't work. I'm sick...Little wee one has been sick, Big wee one has been coughing...but I'm sick :(

I finally decided to go to the dr. after 7 days of feeling like poo and walked away with a sinus infection and bronchitis. I also walked away with 3 perscriptions, a chest x-ray and a recap visit in 2 weeks. Niiiiccceee....*sarcastic tone here*.

Let me leave you with a couple of picture moments. I haven't taken very many pictures lately, but when I perk up, that will change :-)

Big moment...I heard the toilet lid slam down the other morning and when I went to investigate what was going on, Little wee one ran out of the bathroom naked and said, "I pood in the potty Mommy, I did it! All by myself, I no need no help!" And she did! She put her little seat inside the potty seat, took off her clothes and did a number in the potty, and then wiped! With NO help. At all! Maybe she'll just potty train herself :-)

I walked upstairs after dinner this evening and the girls were watching Charlotte's Web, all snuggled on the floor together...cute.

After getting her pj's on Little wee one was concerned on where "her" Daddy was...she found him and snuggled :-) I'll be sure to update with IceFest and some other things we have been up to lately, soon. Hopefully these drugs will kick into HIGH gear ASAP.

Have a great night!

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