Sunday, March 15, 2009

Scrimmage Pics

The lax team has had scrimmages the past two Saturday's. We went to the first scrimmage, and it looked a lot like this:
Big wee one hanging on the fence, and shortly after Little wee one figured out that she can do it too!
Paul's squat pose...we will see this a lot through out the year.

Face-offs...not so sure the Trojans won many of them, but that's what scrimmages are for, to work out the kinks.#18 is a senior this year, he'll be missed! But for now, he's working out the defense strategy.This image CRACKED me up! Literally every where you looked there were scores of refs running around. They were teaching the new refs, so they literally followed and chased the "seasoned" refs. It was semi-annoying because you couldn't see much action with all the black and white in the way. Guess you have to learn.
Big wee one made a new friend and was playing all afternoon with her. When I turned around to check on her at one point, this is what I saw. And this is what I thought, "OUCH! How do her legs do that?"
An action shot.Running. (Interesting stuff right!?)
Little wee one had a rough afternoon. She fell through the steps of the bleachers, and was fine, but then got hungry, wanted to play by herself, but with her big sister. She also wanted to, she walked all the way down to the other side and just sat down. I think she was playing with a sticker book.
Because I didn't realize how long we were going to be there, the girls ate all their snacks and then literally became wild animals, wanting to eat more and more and MORE! This is all I had left in my purse, a packet of dry brown sugar oatmeal. They ate it, and LOVED it! It was also a HUGE mess! Good idea for the moment, bad idea for the mess!Paul's first real game of the season is this Saturday. Grandma & Grandad are coming in and hopefully I can find my camera before then :-) Have a great start to your week.

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