Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Green Day!

That little green man got us...well he got the girls and he got 'em good!
After school yesterday, all Big wee one could talk about was how the leprauchan (know idea how to spell that!) came into their classroom and made a HUGE mess while they were in the gym. BUT (there's always a catch right!!?) he left everyone a little gold nugget. How exciting, to be 4 years old with gold! (which, by the way, we can't seem to find now)...
I felt like I had to live up to his glory...his big messy glory! Big wee one ran straight to her bedroom yesterday after school to see if the little green man messed her room up, but he hadn't. I had to explain to her that yesterday wasn't the real St. Patty's Day, that today was.
This morning we woke up, and again she was dissapointed to see that he hadn't messed up her room; and honestly, I didn't have any kind of gift for them, nor had I really planned anything. Off to work/sitters we go.
I had a meeting this morning at 8:00 am, and as soon as that meeting was over, I headed out on my mission. My mission: to get carrots and cabbage to put in the crockpot with my cornbeef and to get little gold coins. The first part of my mission was a breeze, the second part, not so much. I went to the dollar store, and they didn't have any "real" selection for St. Patty's Day so I picked out a little puzzle for each of the girls and green peeps (they have every kind of peep in the world imaginable now!). Headed to Wally World next, where luckily I was able to find gold coins (in with the Easter stuff...again, nothing good for the man in green!).
I got back to our house, put the carrots in the crock pot and then went upstairs to mess-up the girls room, all the while thinking, "What am I doing??" And chuckling to myself as well. I put together a little green package for each of the girls and hid it in their messy room.

When I got home from returning to work, actually doing work and then picking up the girls, the first thing Big wee one asked me was if the leprauchan had messed up our house. How was I supposed to know?? I hadn't been there all day!
We walked through the front door and Big wee one immediately slumped her shoulders in dissapointment (so, very very sad!).
"Maaaannnnnnn....he didn't mess up our house Mom!"
Thanks little green dude! I appreciate you not tackling my whole house!
Even though she was bummed, she still had hope for upstairs...off she went.
The squeal of excitement was PRICELESS!! ADORABLE!! ENTERTAINING!! Of course! How could you not get excited about a mess strewn about your room. I had to run to get the camera to catch this picture before I missed all the good stuff...she is jumping up and down with excitement!And then she found her hidden treasure, and Little wee one was a little dissapointed...obviously, she didn't notice the trail of books going into her room! She loves puzzles, and I love the dollar store for having cute puzzles at such a reasonable price!Awww, look...Little wee one is also jumping up with excitement to find her green goody!In true LWO style, she would not look at me at all...she instead devoured her goodies and then told me she had a tummy ache from all the candy and needed a glass of milk.We finished off our day with cornbeef and cabbage, and I am happy to report that both girls ate dinner :) Big wee one had to have her carrots on the side, not cooked, which was fine, and LWO eats everything :)
Check out this sweet little video clip, you can really here LWO talking...at one point she's talking about the leprauchan taking all of her shoes out...too cute! My apologies, at one point, I choke/cough...lol, and I'm also sorry for the sea-sick motion as I move the camera about :-)

Have a fantabulous day!


Jenny said...

How cute! What a great idea. I will have to do that next year with the boys. We also had corned beef and cabbage and it was super yummy! Glad you guys had a great day!

Lexie said...

Wow. I never knew that, that was supposed to be what you did on St. P's day. Learn something new everyday.

Hugs to the Flohrs from the Brinks.

mama hall said...

awwwww! that is sa-weet, tflo! what a fun tradition. i love LWO's little voice. your girls are too cute for words. :)