Monday, March 23, 2009

We can smell spring...

We know it's right around the corner, but we certainly aren't feeling any warmth. We wake up in the morning and see the bright shining sun, but then pull out our winter coats...will it ever warm up? I mean, we didn't get any snow this year, anything that amounted to FUN, so atleast we could have the warmth back...right?!!
Needless to say, at Paul's first lax game, we FROZE! Big wee one had to have Teej warm up her hands, because the mom (of the year!) didn't bring gloves. You want to know why...because the darn sun is so deceiving! I know its cold outside, but I think to myself, "the sun is shining, it'll be warmer then I think". WRONG! When we were leaving the game BWO fell on the track, onto her cold hands, and I'm pretty sure my brother in Guam heard her screaming. I feel ya sister, and that is the exact reason why we are home and not at the game this evening. It's freaking cold out! **Update: we won tonight against Harrisburg Academy 13-5, and it was cold and it started to rain as they were leaving...I'm glad I'm home and my nails are painted, along with my toenails...just making sure everything is ready for when it does warm up**
Here are the pics from the game:
Action shot. I love pictures like this with people flying in the air.
Coach Flohr watching the face off (I'm assuming, he could be watching the birds fly for all I know).

This Davis, he's the second goalie to Dan the Man...he's a sophomore this year (I believe) which makes Coach Flohr very happy :)This is "Biscuit"...I asked his twin sister why they called him that (Paul gave him the name) and she said it's because he's "fluffy" lol...seriously!? He was pretty intense at this game, good action coming from him.Big wee one does a lot of this through the games and so does Little wee one, but she doesn't let me take pictures of her :-) I bought these "special" pens from the dollar spot in Target, HUGE HIT!
GOAL! This is the goalie from above's brother...I think. It's hard to remember everyone, but he's a good one to watch :-)Half-time...this wasn't a good game. We got our butts handed to us, so I'm pretty sure, the guys were not looking forward to the half-time "talk".Did I mention that a lot of the guy's gave themselves's pretty gnarly, I wonder how long they will keep them. BWO hanging out with Grandma, watching the game. Really, I think she was throwing away a lot of trash and hanging with Grandma. She decided after half-time that she was on clean up duty. Whatever keeps her busy.Another action shot from "Biscuit". He literally leaped/flipped over the top of this guy...insane! This is what the coaches like to do after the game. Thanks to Grandma & Grandad who came in for the weekend, for buying all those delicious crabs! You know they were enjoyed by all...pretty much until about 3 am! Makes for an early morning the next day, but luckily the girls let us sleep until about 9 am! Aren't they so sweet :-)
Teej is Coach Schellhorn's main squeeze and has been my game sidekick, but unfortunately, she won't be able to make too many more games, since they are during the week :( We'll miss ya Teej!Speaking of sweet little girls...they've been into laying in bed and watching movies together. It's so cute!! And they aren't arguing, just hanging out.
The color on this picture is totally funky, but she's SMILING! So I had to add it :)
She's up to no good! Doesn't she look like she caused some trouble?
I can't believe that she's 4 now! I'm still trippin' on that one. Seems like just yesterday she was born and we were living outside Philly...crazy how time flies and life changes!
I wouldn't change anything :) Life is busy but good...thanks for checking us out!

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