Monday, March 23, 2009

The Scrap Happenings...

These are the latest digi pages I've completed. We had our monthly crop on Friday and I was able to get 3.5 pages completed :) I should be done with 2007 in no time! I could possibly be completely up to date with everything before this year is amazing would that be...T-flo all caught up?? We shall see! In the meantime, enjoy the pics of the wee ones :)

This picture of wee one is so sweet. I was taking some pictures of my friend's daughter and decided to take a few of the girls playing as well. This was right after her first birthday.

Halloween! She was such a sweet little Minnie Mouse...I remember the days when she would actually look at me and smile when I had the camera in my hand.

Big wee one and I hanging out on the couch...she's my snuggly kid.

Little wee one is great at zonking out wherever she is when she is tired...lunch is no exception.

I love the light shining in on this picture. We were driving home from a MOMs club Harvest party. She loved being dressed up as snow white.

Can you tell which month I'm finishing up right now?? LOL...this picture is from Trick-or-Treat on Main St. This was about a month before I actually got the job that landed me in the position to plan this event and others downtown. If she is standing still she is practicing ballet moves...this girl loves ballet!
My oldest brother surprised us with a visit from my middle brother. I don't have the picture of me being surprised, but I do have a picture of my brothers...and this is it:) I'll be updating later with lax pictures...and heading out to a game this evening. Have a great week!

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mama hall said...

ok how do you get YOUR handwriting on your digiscrap pages (and blog header!)?? i love it.