Sunday, March 29, 2009


What a completely relaxing weekend!

It started Thursday night with MNO (Mom's Night Out) with my local MOMS club. We had a blast playing Dirty Bingo, check her out...she's got all the details of the night (and I haven't uploaded those pictures yet), thanks for not showing any "fire fighter" pictures. I ended up with a bottle of wine, which I was pretty happy about :-) Though I did try to win a pretty cool lunch bag & water bottle. These girls play a gnarly game of Dirty Bingo!

Friday night, I was invited to a friend's house to watch "Twilight" and I must say, and don't shoot me, but I was kind of dissapointed. I'm going to re-watch it (hopefully with my mom) soon, because I was giving a lot of commentary (sorry ladies) through-out the movie, and maybe watching it again I could appreciate it more??! I hope...

Saturday morning, we moved very slowly. I made cinnamon buns and Big wee one ate 4 of them! Little wee one ate a whole package of grapes! She doesn't like cinnamon buns. Crazy right! We then got dressed and I was going to bring them into work with me for a couple of hours, but when we got to my building, it was closed. Usually the building is open on Saturday's, but for some reason today it wasn't; and I didn't feel comfortable going in alone. Soooo....we called up the Mimster and headed to the movies to watch this:

Pretty cute movie and the girls did pretty well through the whole thing. I wasn't too worried about Big wee one, even though she gets a little weird in the beginning. It's like she gets nervous or something, the anticipation...she doesn't like (only in the beginning, once the movie actually starts she's fine) the people talking or laughing. I can't blame her really, is it necessary to sit through all of that in a kid's movie? Don't movie folks know that little kids lose their patience pretty quickly?? Once the actual movie started she was ok. BUT the movie was in 3D and it took her a little while to figure out that the movie was WAY better in 3D then in the blurred mess that Little wee one watched. (Movie folks also need to realize that wee ones don't have ginormous size heads, the glasses were HUGE!) They barely fit my head, Big wee one kept telling us how they were slipping off her nose and Little wee one could see out of both eyes in one lense...HUGE glasses! Either way, the movie was pretty cute, I'm sure it will be on BWO's list for Christmas.

When we got home we hit up our favorite dinner joint, Montezuma's. Which may sound scary to some, but we love it! The girls love it, and we can feed the whole crew for about $25. After filling our guts, we hit home and hit the sack. I scrapped in bed and Paul watched lax games on tv.
Sunday morning the girls let us sleep in till about 9 am. AWE-SOOOMMEE!! When we got moving, Paul hit up our local Sunday treat, Dunkin Donuts. When the girls were done tearing into some strawberry frosted donuts we headed to Little wee ones room and her closet to start organizing clothes. I'm prepping for the seasonal change over and decided it was time to get rid of the stuff we didn't need any more. I got rid of three huge bags of clothes, and I can now close her closet door without using a hip to make sure things don't fall out.

That was of course a 4 hour adventure, since the girls decided they needed to climb in and out of the clothes, pull everything out of the closet that was left in there, try on all the shoes and clothes...something that could be relatively simple (just time consuming) becomes a grand event. But it's done and I feel good about it. During the process I found out that Big wee one can still wear 18 month shorts...looks like we will be getting a lot of wear out of a lot of those shorts. LOL, she has chicken legs, and gets them from her Grandma (represent Grandma-Dukes!) ;-)
Paul shot on one of his goalies Sunday afternoon, and a sudden down pour sent him home early. While the girls napped (BWO, not so much) I digi scrapped :-)

We finished the weekend off with spegatti, red velvet cake, baths and bed :-) Mr. Chris and Teej stopped by this evening, so we could firm up our upcoming weekend getaway with them. That's right folks, Paul and I are getting away for a whole night! We'll be heading to Baltimore with our friends for a fun day/night away. Just a short little trip to revamp our system...actually we'll probably be just as tired when we get home, but it will be fun!

Paul has 3 games this week, and the girls and I probably won't make any of them. Monday the game is in Hershey, and we planned on going (since it's an hour away), but we are supposed to have pretty high wind gusts (doesn't sound like fun), Wednesday the game is at home, but rain is the forecast and Friday the game will be near Philly...BWO has dance class...guess we'll have to catch up next week.

Back to scrapping...have a great week!


Marie said...

commentary tee hee ;) so what should the next movie for movie night be? mmmmmhhhh let me start thinking ;)

Jenny said...

We watched Twilight also this weekend and I loved it! But I haven't read the books and I you always hear the books are better.
Anyway, love all the scrap pages and glad you guys had a fun weekend!

The Heschl Clan said...

Your pages are beautiful as always...hope all is well you guys. Have a great trip with out the kiddies. Someday that we be me & my!

AmyB said...

You are right about Twilight. I felt like it was a little low budget or something...but I have high hopes that the next ones will be better produced!

Jules said...

Love your pages...super cute!