Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Thursday

I couldn't think of anything else flashier to call the title :) So I went with the obvious...It's Thursdaaayyyy...sounds flashy right?

We've had a pretty busy week and I've got pictures to share. WARNING: non of these pictures have been "fixed". Sorry, I'd rather get to updating, in bed (with laptop), and then to sleep. I have a lot of wine labels to work on for my dad and I need to get to cracking...'s what's up :)
In my last post, I mentioned going to MOMS Night Out, these following pictures lead up to that evening. I thought Paul might want to smile with his darling wife, but nope...he dreads having his picture taken. Lovely right, not even a pretend half, non-teeth smile to show he cares....hmphh.
Big wee one and I were just about to start taking some self-portraits when Little wee one ran over and actually wanted in the pictures. Shocked? I am! These are some of the cuter ones that came out. Sorry the girls look all scruffy, but it was right before bed time :) Little wee one is actually smiling, even though she's not looking at the camera. :) And my head looks big and round...definitely not a nice angle for me! You have to do the silly face shot. Or two...this one is tongue themed.Big wee one left and Little wee one still wanted to take pictures. I was thrilled!Here we are at MOMS night out. Those two are some funny gals :)What is she laughing that hard about?? Can you guess?? I bet you could never guess, because why would you think anything bad if you know a bunch of moms are hanging out playing "dirty bingo"?? Some lucky lady went home with a packet of "Cock" soup...that's right! Cock flavored soup. I'll just let that sing in. I seem to entertain those around me, and this was no exception. One mom pulled out her dirty bingo gift from last year! This mom is now pregnant...wonder if she pulled out this "fireman's outfit", just kidding. I'm pretty sure she didn't pull it out, and I'm also pretty sure they make these "nice" outfits for ladies the size of toothpicks. This is me doing my "fat guy in a little coat" impersonation. My undies remind me of wonder woman...hehehe.
This is what I left with. Horrible picture of me, but I thought the bottle looked like it was on fire. And since it looks like its on fire, it goes with the fire outfit from above...ha!We've had spurts of nice days and when that happens we head to the park. Big wee one got her face painted at school, hence the cool pink semi-rubbed off tattoo on her forehead.Little wee one is still a little weary of the park equipment. She goes very slowly and says, "I not scared, I not scared. I can do it." Cutie.She decided to ditch the big kid stuff and head to the dinosaur.This was the clan that we went to the park with. Out of my 6-pack girlfriends, there are only 4 boys out of 16 kids! There is always a lot of high pitched squealing going on.If no one is around she'll go down the slide, but if people are around...forgetta bout it.These girls were going insane with the squealing on this tire swing. It was pretty cute! Oh, wait...I see a boy on there, but I do remember him asking very quickly to get off...hehe.CHEEESSEEEE!
Wednesday night was lax night. The guys had a game at home, and though it had rained all day, it wasn't that cold out. It was actually pretty humid, so I layered the girls in their pj's and then sweats on top and we headed to the game. They did awesome (the girls and the team), but were completely soaked when we left! The bleachers had little puddles and were just wet, but they had fun and didn't complain once about being wet.When I was pulling up to the stadium, my stomach got a little excited. This view completely reminds me of high school. The excitment for the Friday night game! The lights, the smell of the concession stand food, the drums from the band, the stadium filled with people. I don't care if you were in the band, worked the gate, played football, cheered, sat in the stadium, hung out under the bleachers, danced in the dance line...whatever it was, if you went to high school and went to Friday night football games (especially in TX) you know that excited feeling I'm talking about...and these big lights so reminded me of that!Here's Coach Flohr prep talking a player. I didn't get very good pictures because my battery started dying, my lense started to fog up and the light and dark mode couldn't quite mesh into happy harmony. Hence blur.He looks so handsome out there, all serious like!
It looks like he's sweet talking the ref right here. The wee ones enjoying the game. Little wee one is really starting to spurt up, she's in the pink jacket. Doesn't she look tall?? Her legs are starting to get long as well...taking after her sister and her grandma.Apparently, when it's really humid and muggy out Little wee one gets little ringlets and it is so stinking cute!! I kept asking her if I could take her picture and she kept telling me no, which isn't a big surprise, but it would have been cute to have her looking at me with a smile and her ringlets.More ringlets :)In a very rare moment, Paul and I are both home at 8:00 pm and are both ready for bed. Have a great night!

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