Monday, March 9, 2009

What Works for Me

What works for me (or my family) might not work for yours. Here is what works for us as far as menu planning goes.

Monday: some type of crockpot dish
Tuesday: TACO TUESDAY (we don't always do tacos, but we do do some kind of "taco" take on dinner. ie: burritos, taco soup, chicken get the idea)
Wednesday: another crockpot dish or sometimes I try something new
Thursday: breakfast for dinner
Friday: pizza
Saturday & Sunday: we play it by ear. sometimes we do breakfast, sometimes we do a soup or sandwich. On special occasions we eat out and a lot of Sunday's we eat at Mimi & G-pa's house (family dinner night).

We have really been trying to stay on a strict food budget, and since January we have eaten out twice (ordered pizza from dominoes on customer appreciation day...can you beat $3 pizzas?? and montezuma's mexican restaurant last Friday). For two weeks of dinner, not including the extra milk I'll need to get, I spent $110...not too bad. That also includes breakfast foods, lunches and a few special treats. Gotta love those coupons :-)

So, do you want to know what we are having for dinner during the next two weeks??

Week 1:
Monday: no crockpot dinner tonight, just hotdogs, mac-n-cheese and greenbeans
Tuesday: Mexican Stew & cornbread (switched my crockpot to Tuesday to keep the "taco" theme)
Wednesday: Roasted chicken with potatoes & side (probably corn or wax beans)
Thursday: with the left over chicken, we are having Artichoke Chicken Linguine (a friend shared the recipe and I knew we were having why not)
Friday: Pizza (it's dance night, pizza is the easiest since we don't get home until 5:45 and the girls are pretty strict with dinner around 5:15)
Saturday: we have plans Saturday night, so the girls will have chicken nuggets, applesauce and yogurt
Sunday: what's on the menu mom?? :) we might be traveling to see some friends, so Cathy...what's for dinner??

Week 2:
Monday: Flank steak stuffed with rice
Tuesday: Cornbeef & Cabbage...HAPPY ST. PATTY'S DAY!
Wednesday: (switching taco tuesday to waco, just trying to be funny there!)
Thursday: Tilapia with corn & rice
Friday: you guessed it...Pizza
Saturday: the in-laws will be in, so I'm almost positive we'll get crabs...which is fine with me :) I'm in the mood to be a little crabby...

To top it off, the girls and I like to make brownies or cookies here and there, and that will last throughout the week, so we get a little dessert :-) YUM!

There you have it...if you have a delicious recipe you would like to share I am open to suggestions. I love a new recipe, especially one that my family will love.

Paul is at a lax booster meeting, so I'm going to scrap, here's what I've worked on recently:

These are 6x4 LOs that I created for my uncle for his birthday...I made him a really cute little mini-scrapbook documenting a family vacation we took in 2007. I plan on adding to that book through out the year :-)

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