Monday, March 2, 2009

Overheard Today...

This morning, while dropping Big wee one off at school, I heard one of her classmates talking with another student. It went something along the lines of this:

Girl: Do you know what kind of dog has four legs?
Boy: -stairing blankly at her- I don't think he really cared at all.
Girl: (still talking, oblivious to the fact that he's just staring at her) A big one. With big legs. Big legs just like my mom!

LMAO...there is no telling what my child says about me! You never know what your 4 year old could potentially say. I wanted to tell the mom because I thought it would be funny, but she isn't overly friendly (not one bit) and BWO has complained about this girl being mean to her. So instead, I chuckled to myself...your kid says you have big

I'm not all that spiteful, heck I've had my fair share of "Mom did you just toot?", while in a crowded bathroom. Or walking through Kohl's an odd odor appears and BWO says, "I smell a fart in here!" (in a sing songy tone) happens to all of us. It's embarrassing, but funny. I just think its funnier because the lady never cracks a smile, even when I say, "HI" (in my sickening chirpy morning tone) and her little girl things she has big



Jenny said...

That is very funny! I use to teach 3 year olds while working my way through college and they were hilarious!
Oh yes the embarrasing things kids say. On time in the store Aiden said to me "mom your butt stinks" I almost died!

Our Journey to Rachel said...

Tina, you tell the funniest stories! I can't wait to see what story you have for us each time I check out your blog! Thanks for making me laugh and smile on a Monday morning!


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! What do you mean BWO asks if you tooted? She probably just calls you on it! Olivia does that to me already! Ha Ha Ha! You are a great story teller! I love reading your blog!