Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 on Tuesday

  1. My kids don't like soda...can you tell?? Actually, Little wee one would probably like it if I actually let them drink soda, but I don't. Big wee one does not drink soda, at all...she doesn't like the bubbles.
  2. Big wee one took this picture of me, and I thought it was perfect to "show off" my AVM. So, there it is. Looks smaller then it was, which was the point of everything previously done.
  3. When its so pretty out like it was 2 Sundays ago, we spend as much time as possible outside. We stay out until bedtime, because who knows when we'll be out again with the weather patterns we get in this area. I decided to fill some plastic containers with rice and ABC noodles and the girls went to town...
  4. Another thing that the girls can spend hours doing. I'm pretty sure we are going to go through GALLONS of these!
  5. Big wee one doesn't really have a "lovie", but she does love this guy! And on occasion she invites him to partake in the activities that she loves...here he is veggin'.
  6. Easter Sunday was almost as exciting as Christmas
  7. These two were really practicing their dance moves while we visited them. It was so cute and I just love this picture!
  8. If you are going to fly, the only way to fly is...like SUPERMAN
  9. Every weekend. Every.single.weekend. This is what we see from Paul. We love that he keeps Mommy's car clean!!
  10. We miss you friends!! Hope to see you soon!

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