Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sweet Girls

Just a few pics of the girls from yesterday. Big wee one had dance class pictures taken, so I dressed Little wee one up as well to get pictures of the girls taken together. Little wee one didn't smile for the photographer, but hopefully we still got a cute one :) Big wee one really knows how to lay it on, so I know we'll have a cute one of her.

Big wee one looked so grown up with her make-up on (and NO, I'm not a crazy Toddler & Tiara mom, she only wears make-up for her recital)...but this girl was blessed with some serious eyelashes...long, thick and they curl up right at the ends. She'll never need an eyelash curler. Lucky duck!

Here they are, my hazel eyed big girl and my blue eyed little one :)
Smiling pretty for me in the dressing roomShe would only smile for her big sister to take the picture.She's got her stare on at another pretty costume in the room. Serious stare.

She has some killer eyes...she wanted me to take this picture of her with this purple flower that turned blue in the pictures.One day, I will get a picture of this little girl's eyes...they are so cool looking, but she moves too much and they are blurry or she won't look at me directly or the sun isn't hitting them in the right get the jist, but she sure is cute! (in my opinion)


Annisa said...

Good pics! Riddy's costume is adorable. We did our pics this morning - had to fight the rain - ugh! Every year I marvel over the moms who roll in their suitcases full of makeup and curling irons. It's just a picture! :)

Jenny said...

Your girls are gorgeous!!!