Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Big Wee One

She made me take these pictures of her holding the flower that is now her best friend

For my birthday (birthday post to come in the next day or two), Paul got my a dozen roses and Big wee one has been carrying one around for 2 days. In the car on the way home from school (yes, the flower made it all the way through school), she says:

BWO: "Here (to Little wee one), smell my flower. I can smell the wimsy. Can't you Little wee one?"

LWO: "Noooo, I can't smell da wimsy."

BWO: "Just try and smell it, I know you can smell the wimsy."

Anyone know what wimsy smells like?? Just checking ;-)

I still thought it was pretty cute...along with these ladies ;-)

BWO sat in the car most of the time during an Earth Day playgroup we went to. She kept getting cold and mad at me because I was doing a rain At 4 years old I'm already embarrassing my daughter!She actually let me take pictures of her smiling at me! But sadly, none of them turned out all that great :(Freezing her tooshie off at the Earth Day playgroup we had this afternoon...GO GREEN!

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