Monday, April 27, 2009

She Had a Baby...**UPDATE**

It's A....
I don't want to spoil her surprise, but I'll link you to some blogs that can fill you in.
CONGRATULATIONS ANNISA!! Can't wait to meet h....

**since momma and little one are in the hospital, click on "fill you in" for your update :)
I stopped by and met him today!!
He's beautiful and when I walked in, his very proud big sister was holding him! I didn't want to take him from her, so I waited until she asked me if I wanted to hold him...and boy did I! He's so sweet and cuddly...want to see??

Take a look...

I love how she's watching in the background...tehe...protective big sister!

Congratulations looks like you will have lots of help :)

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Jenny said...

What a precious little baby! Almost makes me ready for another one...almost :)