Tuesday, May 5, 2009

10 on Tuesday

It's been awhile since I gave an update on me, and not one on Annisa and her new little man :) Who is BTW: the smallest thing I have ever seen and LWO was about a pound smaller then him when she was born...it's amazing how you completely forget what it's like to have a baby when the baby is all grown up. Anti-who, he's doing great, and she's adjusting to no sleep just fine :)
On to the Flohr's 10 on Tuesday...which I'm hoping is a recap of my birthday and the last two weeks. So...without further ado...
  1. I have been wanting, breathing, living for a pair of "boyfriend" jeans, but apparently they only make "boyfriend" jeans for super skinny ladies. I'm more of a curvacious lady and though I was willing to spend the money to buy the jeans I've so willingly longed for and FINALLY...I FOUND THEM! The.JEANS. And I LOVE them. REALLY.LOVE.THEM. Due to their price tag this was my birthday gift from my amazing hubby and my wee ones. I "heart" them. And I know they look good, because my mom even commented on them! HEHE....without me saying, "Hey Mom, do you like these?"
  2. The Saturday after finding my new loves was a busy day. I had a baby shower in Philly for an amazing friend expecting her first wee one. I worked on cakeballs for the shower all week and because my dear, loving husband was about 30 minutes late getting home so I could depart and get to Philly on time, I was 40ish minutes late for the shower and was too embarrassed (yes, sometimes that does happen...shocking I know!) to walk in the shower and say, "Here I am and here are my blue balls!" LOL...so I let them melt in the car. When I go visit the new parents to be I'll have to bring them a stash of cake balls...until then, I had a lovely time at the shower and then had to book it out to head home for a night out (very busy Saturday)...
  3. I got home and immediately ran upstairs to change into beloved jeans and new shirt (thanks in-laws!!) to head to a surprise birthday dinner for another dear friend that moved. She was completely surprised and we had an awesome time. We ate at a delicious spanish restaurant and I cannot wait to take Paul there to eat...definitely something right up his ally. I completely fell asleep in the car on the way home, the kind of asleep where you can't even keep your eyes open, but it was worth it to see two great friends that I don't get to see very often.
  4. I can't remember what we did on Sunday, the next day, but here is a cute picture of Big wee one that I was able to capture. Little wee one wouldn't even look at me so I didn't get a good picture of her...maybe next time.
  5. Tuesday, I started to receive lots of flowers at work...thank you to those that sent me flowers, it was so flattering. I had the best day on my actual birthday and even though Paul had a game (it started to rain this week and I don't think it's stopped since...ok, it has, but it's rained A.LOT.) Monday evening, a friend called and said she was picking me up the next night (Tuesday) and that's all she would tell me. When the doorbell rang, she came in and blind folded me and then drove me to our destination. We ended up at a local restaurant/bar that hosts "Ladies Night" on Tuesdays, where ladies can eat free! Cheap date right!! :) She made this delicious peanut butter chocolate cake and more of our friends were there waiting for us. Thank you for such an awesome birthday celebration with friends!
  6. The rest of the week was a blur, but it was good. A great birthday week overall. Saturday came, and the weather was beautiful, so I put on my new lovely jeans (hehe) and took the girls to Paul's lax game. We lost :( But the girls had a great time getting completely dirty from head to toe and the manager offered to come over and watch the girls so we could go out. Lucky for her, they both fell asleep on the way home from the game. This is a picture of Big wee one sleeping, which is really the sun setting, but I thought it was pretty :)
  7. Little Nikki came over and I made steamed Mussels and we headed over to N & D's casa for the first patio night of the year, and hopefully it will stop raining so we can get together more often on the patio. Patio nights are the best, vegging with good food, friends and drinks...letting the kids run wild, except for me...hehe, mine were snug in bed and we were free! This little one was very entertaining, and I can't get over how much she has grown in the past year...time flies (do we say that a lot??)
  8. The next morning, Sunday, since it was so nice out we decided to head to Lowe's and get the supplies we needed to start our garden. Big wee one had an awesome time helping me plant everything and is constantly checking the status of her little seedlings, and secretly, so am I :) I am hoping it stops raining for a day this weekend so we can get out planter box together and get these now HUGE seedlings planted
  9. After the Little wee one woke up from her nap we headed over to my parent's house for this guys:

famous "Jay Burgers". Before burgers though we played a little bit of this.

After dinner we enjoyed this....which is by far the BEST ice cream cake I have ever had! Thanks for a delicious dinner and birthday fun to all my friends and family! This was the best and last birthday of my 20s. :)
10. It's SPRINGGGGG!! Happy Spring everyone and hopefully all of the rain that we are experiencing will bring lots of May flowers!

These are some sweet little eggs that are on my parent's porch. Big wee one gets so excited to see them!
Happy Tuesday!

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