Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Hump Day

I feel like we've been so busy not being busy...does that make sense?

If it's nice out we spend all waking hours outside, which is doing WONDERS for my tan :) and Paul's as well! He's rocking a pretty sweet tan. The wee ones look dirty all the time. It is that time of year though, where they get tan and their tans just look dirty. My brothers and I were the same when we were wee grandmother would try and scrub our necks clean. Want to see a pic of me when I was a wee one? Check 'em:
Rocking a really sweet bikini here :)With my cousin Jake
Paul has been out of town a lot lately, so the girls and I have been vegging. Which is nice (sometimes) to just regroup and hang with the small peeps. He'll be leaving again on Saturday and I think the girlies and I will have a sleepover in my bed on Saturday. Highschool Musical is showing on the Disney channel, some kind of karoake dance special, and I think the girls will like sleeping in my bed...if they make it that long before they kick me and roll over me too many times.

Paul and I went to the high school graduation last week and for some reason it really got me choked up. I started to think about the girls and phewwww...the tears just flow. Life better slow down, I can't take this "time flying" by crap anymore!
We had a great night together, after graduation we grabbed a quick dinner. Uncle Airwick was cool enough to hang with the girls for us :) We needed a night out for just the two of us...aaawwww, love :)Paul and some of his players...Me with the players...I feel like some of these guys are my little brothers. I'll miss them next year!I did this LO tonight, inspired by a LO challenge on forums
Oh, did you want to see pics of the girls too?? I haven't taken that many lately. I need to get a new camera battery, my rechargeable is dying so my camera doesn't last long :( Anyone want to buy me a new fancy one??
We had an impromptu garage/yard sale at a friend's house last Saturday and this is what the kids did...Doesn't it look like they were born posers...hehe. Big wee one with her diva pose and Little wee one with her "don't look at me I'm a super model pose" or the "I'm gonna pee my pants pose"Must have been the "pee the pants pose" because she lost her bathing suit at one point!Our family tradition on Sunday's are donuts! She likes the powdered kind...can you tell?

Till we meet again :)

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