Thursday, June 18, 2009

Get it while its HOT!

That's right...Amy has a new brush set out that is so incredibly adorable! If you have small chitlins, then you need this set! I even used it on a LO that I did for Paul and myself.

click on the picture above to be directed to the page to purchase these bad jacksons!

I am positive that these will go into pretty regular rotation within my brushes. Check out the LOs I created :)
For this LO I used the circle brush to "frame" Little (teeny tiny) wee one, and then I used the flowers for an added embellishment. I used the outline flower brush to create different sized flowers for the background (all on one layer) and then turned that layer into an overlay and moved the opacity to about 50% to get the soft flower look. I really like it! I used Amy's Children's Day kit from the So You Think You Can Design contest...these brushes go PERFECTLY with that kit! Which you cannot download now since the winner has been announced, but maybe if we ask Amy really nicely she'll share it with us again?? PLEASSSEEEE AMYYYY!! *batting eyes like a little puppy dog*

I posted this LO in my entry below, but thought I would point out that I used one of the scribble crayon brushes for the border under the brown flower paper. I created a new layer under the brown flower paper, added a row of the scribbles (clicking once, then going under, clicking again...till the row was filled) and then I grouped a yellow sheet of paper over it. Dragged the yellow paper over the layer with the brushes, clicked Ctrl+G and it grouped them together, then I flattened that layer by clicking Ctrl+E :)So go get 'em while they are on sale!! I'm pretty lucky to work for Amy, and believe me when I say, you'll be pretty stoked about what's in store for the next coming months :) Of course it's a secret...If I told ya, I'd have to....

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