Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Birthday!

To the newest addition in our backyard crew! The wee ones were so excited to hear that "Ms. Shammon" surprisingly had her baby today! When I heard, I threw on some jeans and headed straight to the hospital...Momma and baby are doing beautifully...she is soooo pretty and the girls are already asking how many days until she'll be home :)
Super proud big brother!Crazy backyard crew!

Congratulations Friends!!!


Annisa said...

Ohhh, how exciting! She was supposed to deliver tomorrow (Tuesday), right? Such a great surprise!

Jennifer said...

Ahhh Tina you are killing me!!! Everytime you post pics of precious newborns it makes me want another!!!! With that said that little baby is precious :) I love the rolls on the legs!