Monday, December 21, 2009

It's a...

Famillllyyyyyy tradition!

My mom and I have been baking cookies with "the gang" for, well, for FOREVER! As long as I can remember! Lele would come over and bake, along with Jenny and I'm sure Rach came at times...Gary was always around with Eric and Nick held his own. We were some decorating, baking, icing fools back in the day and I am proud to pass this tradition (and mess) onto my girls! They love it. I love it. Mimi loves it (she doesn't love the mess). We love listening to the Jackson 5 and jamming to "Sannnnntaaaa Clause is comin' to town (ohyyyeaaah!!)", while dancing around the kitchen. The girls love to taste test and I love to decorate.

This is an all day ordeal. No joke. We start in the morning and finish, feet barking, stomachs aching and needing a HUGE glass of milk around 7 pm. We make a TON of cookies...from coconut macaroons, to sugar and snickerdoodles and everything in between.

We then like to pack some up and send them to Eric (in the deep blue sea, sea, sea) and split them between us. I'm not going to lie, I then give them to the girls for breakfast, lunch and (duh!) we wait until after dinner for the last one....ha! Just kidding...well kind of, if we are in a rush, I may let them eat cookies for breakfast :) I've also found them when I wake up in the morning with chocolate around their lips...stinkers!

It goes to say that this is probably one of my most cherished holiday traditions. I love spending the time with my mom, destroying her kitchen (some day we can destroy my kitchen...promise!) and teaching the girls the way in the kitchen. In fact, Big wee one would like to be a chef (and a cheerleader) when she grows up...she's got the bug!

What's your favorite family holiday tradition??


Lexie said...

Oh so many memories baking cookies at MiMi's house. That was sooo much fun, would love to do it again :)

Hugs & Kisses to the girls.

The Bean asked when we were going to have Christmas with Big Wee One and Little Wee One and Tina. Maybe one year!

mama hall said...

I remember your cookie decorating party from when we first *met* back when Big Wee One was your 1 and only! What wonderful memories.

PS: Asked BigGirl if she wanted to invite 2 girlfriends to a Sweet & Sassy party for her upcoming bday. She thought and thought and said "How 'bout Ridglee and Tillee?" Awww! {heart melting}

Martina's Moments said...

Aidan and I started a holiday tradition several years ago - we make place cards for the table for our Christmas Day dinner. About 14-16 gather and he has a blast using my scrapbooking supplies to make them. We just finished making the placecards tonight - red and green glitter everywhere!

Anonymous said...

You forgot about me. I am hurt, deeply hurt, TI-na! j/k!
Love ya, Amber