Saturday, December 26, 2009

Today I...

  1. slept in until 8:00 am
  2. played leapster with Big wee one and babies with Little wee one
  3. ate munchkins and drank coffee from dunkin' donuts (weekend ritual)
  4. played kitchen set playdough and "chixos with pixos" with the wee ones
  5. started my computer to work on my mom's birthday gift and then got a call from said mom
  6. said mom mentioned shopping and i really wanted to go, so loving husband said to "hit it homey", so i turned the computer off
  7. took a quick, super, duper fast shower and got ready to go shopping
  8. mom showed up and we hit the road jack for a girls day of shopping...which i'm sure we haven't done since Big wee one was born
  9. made mom promise to have me back for a radio "thing" i had
  10. did some shopping and bought 2 new shirts, pants and sweater for not a lot of money (YEA! after Christmas sales)
  11. had lunch, and burned my tongue on my chai tea latte (oh so good)
  12. made it back into town for radio thing and had a blast and will soon be starting my new job as a radio dj (SIIIKKEEEEE....not really, I did a radio promo/interview for IceFest 2010)
  13. got back in the car with mom and headed back out to go shopping...bought mom her very own laptop and bought myself a bamboo tablet! i'm practicing with it now :)
  14. got dinner, got heartburn and got the girls into bed
  15. now i'm twiddling with the bamboo tablet and hoping to update pics tomorrow :)

Happy Day After Christmas :)

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Marie said...

you forgot read my blog which inspired yours ;)