Thursday, February 11, 2010


How sweet is this??!! I was browsing my favorite blogs to read while sipping my morning coffee and my sweet far-away friend was awarded this by one of her friends...and then she awarded ME :) A nice little token from a very nice person!
Now I'm supposed to post 7 things about myself and then pass on the award to 7 of my blog friends :)
  1. Cooking...I love it! I love to try new dishes, I love to watch Food Network, I love to stalk food blogs. I love that my Big wee one loves to cook and I love that my Little wee one loves to eat. I would love to take some cooking classes with my hubs, I think that would be something fun to do together. I also like to come up with my own dishes, and this past summer I did a lot of that since I grew my first garden.
  2. Photography...Pictures are my LIFE. When I was little in the bathtub I would set up mock displays with soap and bubbles and pretend to take pictures of my advertisement. I have always loved taking pictures and in college fell even deeper in love when I took photography and worked in the dark room. OH HEAVENS! My girlfriend and I would spend hours in the dark room together and get lost in images. We had great talks then, took beautiful pictures and since it was dark you had no clue what time it was. If I could have a dark room now, my life would be complete ;-) hehe! I am now thrilled beyond words that I'm taking my love for graphic design and photography and starting my own photography business. Even more thrilled that people have been coming back to me and that I was approached by a company to create stock photos and texture overlays to sell! My dreams are coming true...slowly but surely :)
  3. Scrapbooking...Naturally scrapbooking comes into play with my love of photography! Once digi scrapping took off, I knew the world would be a better place...hehe! No more lugging TONS of paper, elements, tools and everything else you need to crops or friends' houses...just my laptop and my external hardrive.
  4. Friends...My best friend and I have been friends for over 20 years! Insane right! We met in second or third grade and our friendship just bloomed. Through thick and thin, good time and bad, we know that we can call the other in times of need or celebration! She has been my rock this year and I miss being able to see her or to hang out or to have our kids hang out. With that being said, I have made some incredible friends since moving to Chambersburg. There is a pack of us that do a lot together and call on each other when we need an ear or a laugh. We drive each other crazy, our personalities go from one spectrum to another, but that's what makes us, US.
  5. Dancing...I could dance for hours. I just have to dance when I hear a good tune on the radio. On the rare occasion that my friends and I, or the hubs and I can go out I am the first on the dance floor. I love to see my girls dance, it makes my heart smile. Great excercise and energy/stress release!
  6. Phone....I'm not a big fan of talking on the phone and I hate to check messages. I don't know what it is, but it's one of the last things on my "to-do list". Maybe I get it from talk on the phone at work all day and when you get home, that's the last thing you want to do. I've been known not to answer the phone and my friends know this. It's much easier to just email if you call and I don't answer don't be offended, I'll call you back :)
  7. mom is one of my best friends in the whole world. We get into fights, we dance crazy in the car, we dance crazy in her kitchen, she loves and adores her grandaughters and she's a huge support system for my dad and my uncle. She's got good listening ears, she's not quick to judge and she is probably the only person that I'll answer the phone for...hehe. I like to go to her house and just sit. I like to eat there, and I love that she is such a great Mimi. I know she misses her boys a ton and her other two grandaughters, and she stresses out about everything, but she's a great mom!! Growing up everyone called her "Momma Sue" because she was everyone's second mom :)

Now I get to pick 7 blog friends and award no particular order, these are my blog friends that I stalk while drinking my morning joe :)

  • Mama Hall - we met online about 6 years ago and finally got to meet in person this past summer! She's an amazing woman, friend and mother and her blog is always full of good information
  • A Day in the Life - we randomly met in a store one day before she moved to my area, and started following each other's blogs. Now we like to talk photos, scrapping and kids together :)
  • The Meyers Family - she's a funny mom who's married to a cow vet. We love to scrap together and hang out...she's also been an wonderful friend over the years.
  • The Showalter's - talk about adventure! This crazy mom of 5 is an incredible friend, who is so full of energy and ideas! Definitely a one of a kind friend!
  • Their Journey to Rachel - we met many years ago through scrapbooking, became friends and have shared so many laughs! We don't live close anymore, but I love being able to read about their journey to adopting their daughter from China...who is so stinking cute!
  • The Barclay Family - a friend from grade school and now I stalk her blog regularly. I've watched them from a far, date, get married, get pregnant and now watch their little boy grow up. She also started a food blog (did I mention that I stalk food blogs??)
  • The Brown's - we went to hs together, but never really talked. That doesn't stop me from reading her blog and their daily happenings! I started reading her blog when they went through an awful situation and watched them overcome with great joy with the birth of their 3rd daughter! Now she's about to turn one and she's so stinking cute!

Of course there are so many blogs I'd give this too, but a lot of those don't even know I exist :)

Happy reading friends!


Sarah said...

Thank you Tina! How sweet and just to let you know, You have a wonderful blog and your beautiful pictures provide tons of inspiration.

Jennifer said...

I heart you ;)
I think if we lived closer we could be best friends! I thought it was hilarious you said my blog was your morning coffee break because that's what all 3 of your blogs are to me!

Marie said...

Hey thanks beautiful girl :)

Anonymous said... has been like 20+ years...i think we could write a book :)

Jules said...

Thanks Tina!!!!! You are super funky and crazy too, I love you for it! Thanks for pulling me into the world of digiscrapping and ROCK!