Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It's snowing! The girls were excited to wake up, see LOTS of snow on the ground and "help" Daddy shovel the driveway. I bundled them up and sent them on their way...Big wee one immediately ran into the huge mounds of snow. She didn't get very far, but she tried. She loves the snow and could stay out in it for hours!She managed to get on top of the snow and break free...she was trying to go to the backyard to go sledding.But she didn't make it very far! HA! "No, Mommy, seriously, help me...I'm stuck! MOMMY! HELPME! MOMMY!" All the while I'm laughing at her...hehe, she's trying not to laugh, but she can't help it!Oh look, Little wee one will dig her out! She was singing a very special "digging" song, while she tried to help her sister. It was really stinking cute (but I'm partial to her melodic tunes!)."Diggy, diggy diggy. Diggy, diggy diggy. DIGGY diggy diggy diggy my sistwa out."The infamous snow angel. When doing a proper snow angel, make sure there is a LOT of snow behind your head before plopping down and proceeding with correct arm and leg motions (right Nikkalicious??).It was pretty windy, so I double wrapper the girls. Little wee one decided it was too cold out, and she wanted to go in for hot chocolate, soup, grapes and a nap. Can't blame her.This one though, helped Daddy make an igloo! I remember when my own dad used to make igloos when I was a wee one! Memories...These two were so proud! They look like little bears hibernating...or one big bear and one little bear hibernating, but really they haven't fallen asleep just yet, they were deciding if they should come in for hot chocolate or have their hot chocolate out in the igloo. Round 2 of our winter snowy weather is starting right now. I'm not sure we'll get any pictures in the snow this time, since both girls are pretty sick. I'll keep them warm inside until everyone is feeling top notch. Stay warm wherever you are!


Martina's Moments said...

The tunnel pictures are so cute!

Jennifer said...

Wow all that snow is insane!!!! I seriously cannot imagine. All the pictures are precious!