Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cousins 'n Stuff

This past weekend, my cousins came in from CT to share in remembering their father, my uncle and a very special man! My Uncle Jay passed away after a very difficult battle with cancer (for the past 3 years), and though it was so sad and emotional, I love these guys and love to spend any time I can with them...which isn't much.
If you knew my uncle, you know that these boys are spitting
images of him! I also noticed how much they look like my mom.
Super tall studs! They are "lowering" to my level :) kind of...hehe!Little wee one and "Cousin" had a special connection. She's been talking about him EVERYDAY since they left. She really misses him!Group shot of the fun people :)
Though we are all heartbroken that my uncle passed (that post to come later), I am filled with love that my cousins are apart of my life...our lives.


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Arshia said...

nice pics

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