Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Ok, so I already missed a day in my post a day...
I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure these days are FLYING BY! Honestly, wasn't it just May yesterday and now it's almost time for school to start??
After bath this evening I made Big wee one try on her school uniforms for me. I can't wait to wash them and iron them and make them fresh and "new". The school she's attending in the fall is a Catholic school and she's pretty excited! I'm pretty excited. And nervous. I'll cry, no doubt.
I'll post those pictures tomorrow, and maybe you can help Big wee one decide what she should wear on her first day (it's a toss up between jumper and skort).
While taking her pictures, a little tiny Little wee one as
ked me to take her picture. I know, I know...I couldn't believe it either, so I asked her if she really wanted me to and she said, "Yes, Momma"
Here is that picture. Love those big blue eyes, even in black and white! :)


mama hall said...

OH! We tried on uniforms the other night too and I about teared up! :( We should go on the Jan05 board and post pics. Can't believe it....hold me! PS: love LWO's smile!

Tazewell24 said...

She wanted her picture taken when she was visiting with us....especially with her grand-dad Miller. Little Wee One is so pretty in person and like alot of individuals, her photos do not do her justice. Her full blown, natural smile would win anyone over. Big Wee One is a natural with the camera...trained to be that way and plays the camera well. That is a talent in itself! Love them both loads...Grandma and Grand-dad Miller

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