Thursday, December 27, 2007

Coffee, with extra zing please...

Ugh...I'm exhausted this morning and so is Paul, and I'm pretty sure big wee one must be as well. She's the reason for the exhaustion! Big wee one watched a movie with some friends, and I blame myself for letting her watch it, even when she was obviously scared, but she has this way of "convincing" me that she isn't, when really she is. So, the movie at hand was "The Grinch" with the Carey dude...the "real" grinch. Since she has seen this movie, she has had an extremely difficult time going to sleep at night. And, last night was the epitomy of bad nights!

Seriously, big wee one and I had a knock down, drag out, about stubborn! Again, Mom and Dad, I sincerely apologize for driving you the point of insane measures when I was a small child. I have this gut wrenching feeling that big wee one is EXACTLY like me, which is why we butt heads like we do.
Paul and I started putting her down around 7:30, normal bed time, and she fought us tooth and nail till...11:38 (that was the last time I thought I was going to look at the clock), but oh no, big wee one started again (after I moved her into our room on a blanket on the floor) with a loud "whisper"..."Maaaa-mmmyyy? Maaa-mmmyyy?"...I was standing my ground! I WAS NOT going to let her into bed with us. NO ONE gets any sleep when wee one commands the bed! So, I did what I thought was best...I plopped her in bed with Paul and took her spot on the floor. Finally, after Paul got slightly annoyed, I was asleep on the floor, in MY room, at 12:23 am.

Around 4 am...little wee one starts...

Large (venti, grande, tall...whatever the heck that thing is called) coffee please...I'll see my bed at 7:30 (I hope.) tonight!

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