Sunday, June 1, 2008

She's a Supa-Star

Big wee one's dance recital was great! Well, she was great! She did an amazing job and I am super proud of her (we all are!). She was so exhausted when it was all over, but can you really blame her?? I dropped her off in the dressing room, thanks for watching her Peanutbutter cup's Mom :-) around 5:45 and picked her up at the end of the show right around 10 pm. Late night for sure!

We couldn't video tape during the performance, so I taped the dress rehearsal. She's the second one in on the right (she's really doing some serious knee bops!)

Here are some pictures from last night...

I'll be updating soon with a lot of pictures from the past month. I have Big wee one's last day of "school", the girl's hanging outside and hanging with friends, the zoo and more! Enjoy the video and pics.

Oh, and Big wee one gets her zainy personality from me...I have several pics as a child that look like those below (right Mom :-) )

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful little girl you got there!!!!