Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lovin' Life...

Kind of. Well, I am loving life, I'm just overwhelmed with Old Market Day, which is a HUGE arts & music festival that will go down this Saturday. It's my job. Well, one aspect of my job. I've been working with a committee since January planning Old Market Day and Saturday is dooms day! I don't anticipate anything to go wrong, well, I do, but it won't be anything that an outsider will notice. For example, I made posters for all the downtown merchants to display and after having the committee review them, one of the stores called to let me know that I put the wrong date on the flyer! Way to go Sherlock! If I get one more phone call from a craft vendor wondering if they can attend the completely filled to capasity festival, I might scream! Only if you are a non-profit looking to hand out information may you attend...I have two of those spots left. If one more vendor calls to complain about their vendor location I don't know what I will do. It clearly states on the contract that YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED THE SAME VENDOR LOCATION EACH YEAR. I don't care if your mother's husband's best friend's uncle is my sister's nephew's brother, that doesn't mean you get the pick of the litter. Someone called me today to discuss her friend's vendor location. She was concerned and all kinds of weird twisted comments were made. When I made it completely clear that we could not change her vendor location and that yes, she was in a good vendor spot she complimented me on my new hair color! I really do like this lady...a LOT! But come on! She called her friend back and explained her location in crystal clear terms and her friend called me to apologize saying infact, "She was delighted with her spot, there must have been some mis-understanding when she spoke to that young girl (aka: ME!)." I told her (for the 3rd time) that that young girl was me, and that she has only spoken to me the whole time she's called about the event!

Enough about that though, because in just a few short days, and on WAY EARLY MORNING, my first SUCCESSFUL Old Market Day will be over and I can put my energy into planning AppleFest (which is the same as Old Market Day, but not near as selective and it revolves around apples), the Christmas Parade and other holiday events (holy smokes...Christmas already!).
On to the cuties...

This past Sunday we drove up to visit with my grandparents. We don't get to see them very often, which is a shame since they live about 2 hours away, but it's hard to go anywhere with two small kids and everyone's conflicting schedules. We are going to try much harder to get to see them atleast every other month if that's possible.
We swam, ate, screamed at dogs (Big wee one did...she freaked any time a dog was in sight! ANNOYING!), swam some more, posed with flowers and then checked out the horses on our way out. Here are some pictures:
The Hydgranea bushes were BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't get enough of them :-)

Here are the girls overlooking my grandparent's land and the view from their house...isn't it peaceful!

Little wee one was playing peek-a-boo and being so silly!

Here is some funny stuff...Little wee one was walking around the edge of Nonny's flowers, doing a little dance and then...

Here's the little dance...

And then... No little toddlers were harmed!

On to the pool...N & G have an indoor pool and the water was sooooo warm! Can't beat that kind of swimming! Look at Little wee one swimming all by herself, she's taking after her Munchkin cousin (who hasn't updated her blog in awhile!)

Flowers...they were so pretty. The bees were flying all over the purple flowers, and they looked so cool. I think I'm going to have a large print made of some of them and put them in my bathroom.

I would have a picture of Big wee one with the flowers but she informed me that she was too grouchy for pictures at that time. It was only when we saw the horses that she perked up some.

I definitely need to do some photoshoping to this has potential to be cool, just needs a little "uumph"

Do you see this??? My daughter will SCA-REAM so loud when a tea-cup little dog is even in the same room as her, but will pet a massive horse! I wonder if this goes along with the whole princess and unicorn thing that a lot of girls are into. She loves princesses and princesses have princes that ride horses...interesting...I blame the dog stuff on being nipped at by an ankle dog one time.

My next post will recap Old Market Day. Have a great one!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time!! You take awesome pics. Wish I was good like that..

Oh and FWIW, Bella is TERRIFIED of dogs... She can not be in the same room as them at all... It's very sad actually!