Friday, August 29, 2008

This & That.

Little wee one now tells me (the majority of the time) if she has to go #2. And if she has gone she'll tell me to take her diaper steps closer to potty training! I don't know how its going to work with school starting soon and back to the regular grind of the babysitter, but I think she'll catch on quickly, and I'm sure our babysitter will help in that department.
Big wee one has been doing AWESOME with her letters and can now spell cat and ant when you ask her. I predict she'll be reading within the next 6-8 months; that kind of stuff just comes easy to her.
We'll be heading down to meet Paul's mom's side of the family this long weekend. This will be the first time I've met any of them and the first time in YEARS (at least 10 or 11 years) since Paul has been to the family reunion. I'm excited to meet all of them, and I hope we have a good time (there's food, can't be that bad of a time...right?!).

Remeber when I talked about my girls being dirty all summer long? Well, here they are being really dirty with our neighbor. They decided to paint his little car, and have been putting touch-ups on it each time they play at night. It definitely keeps them occupied for long periods of time.
Little wee one's birthday party was nice. She loved her ice cream cone cupcakes and all of her new toys :-) What more could a 2 year old ask for? That's some serious icing in the way of air flow for blowing out candles. Looking back on these pictures, she's really starting to look like a little girl to me :( **sniffle**A new bike!She looks like she knows what she's doing, but she's just holding on for dear life ;-) I need to get this girl a helmet!Presents everywhere! For such a small party, the girl made out like a bandit!She was most stoked about this puzzle! She's been playing with it everyday and night!I always talk about how much the girls love each other and how well they get along, but I thought I would show a picture of Big wee one picking on Little wee one. She's always touching one of her boingers! (Boingers was a name we inherited from the other Flohr girls...a fun name for ponytails)This was my favorite gift :-) I helped Mimi make this blanket for Little wee one. I cut all the squares out of her favorite outfits from her first year of life and she sewed them up into this adorable blanket!Food is always important at a MUST make these! They are soooooo good!And then follow them up with these! I'm thinking this may become my birthday party cupcake staple...just add different decorations for the theme :-)We'll finish with a loving shot of the wee ones stairing at the boob tube. Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!


Travelin Man said...

Im loving all the pictures!!! Did I mention that I can hardly wait to see everyone?

Lexie said...

So sweet, just love those little girls! Until next time.

The Pursifull Family said...

Tina-your girls are too cute!! Yea, I think an arranged marriage sounds good!!! Love, Melissa