Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No Sugar Coating. (& reunion)

That's right. If you came here to read about all the joys of motherhood, you've come to the wrong place. It. Is. Hard. I'm pissed, annoyed, hurt, angry, frustrated...pretty much just emotionally drained.

Big wee one...that's who. She's always been my emotional roller coaster of a child and boy has she been soaring on the super looper! I'm trying to jump off, but I'm stuck hanging upside down with no signs of slowing down.

Until tonight.


After a night of crying and screaming and yes, I admit it, a spanking or two, oh and a call in to Mimi (thanks Mom!); we are all feeling a little more calm and and controlled. We've (the daddy, mommy and the big wee one) compiled a sticker chart that hopefully will help.

So, with Big wee one sitting close by, along with Daddy and Little wee one (who's been a *dare I say it* angel lately!) we all worked on the sticker chart and what should be put on it. Such as:

  • Brushing our teeth in the morning & at night

  • Making our bed in the morning

  • LISTENING to Mommy & Daddy

  • Eating 3 bites of dinner (I'll be happy if she does that)

  • Dusting on Saturday's

  • and going potty before bed

She came up with most of these, so we'll see how she does. If she doesn't miss a single sticker for a week, she'll get a new outfit for her barbie...if she can go 8 weeks she'll get a pizza party. BUT, she can't miss a sticker. She gets it, she told us all about it. How she's going to listen and do what I ask and eat 3 bites of dinner (because she's 3). I'll keep you posted on the how this goes.

How was the trip you ask? GREAT! Paul and I had a blast, totally reconnected and it was fun hanging with all of my old cronies. The guys were exactly how I had remembered and my girlfriends all became way more beautiful...10 years didn't hurt anyone!

Of course we RUSHED home to see our babies and this is what we've been dealing with since. To help relax me, I'm sippin on some Paris, TX wine out of my new Paris, TX wine glass ;-)

Pretending this is how I feel right now...

Here are some pics:

At the pep-rally Friday morning...brought back a TON of memories.

Enjoying a class after lunch :-) Lele and I, blurry and not so great, but pretty much the most decent pic I have of the two of us :(At the football game Friday night...NL won homecoming! GOOOO Panthers!

This was the night of the was BEAUTIFUL outside after a morning of TX size thunderstorms. Shelly & Joe's place is beautiful! Thank you so much for being awesome hosts!

Me, Rach, Stacie & Steph
Paul and I :-) There aren't many times we can get pictures of just the two of us...I like to take advantageOur dinner table, the Pursifull's, the Flohr's, Sikes & the Kirchoff'sJenny of my besties from back in the day! She looks FREAKING AMAZING! She totally did not look like that 10 years ago, hope this is ok Jenny, but the girl lost like 70 lbs!! She rocks! and is still as funny as ever, I can't wait for X-mas, she's coming up to visit her sister, so I'm going to bombard her :-) We truly only spent like 3 hours together and mix that in with mingling with everyone...:(Some of the graduationg class of 1998Maddox, Sikes, Me & Shane...I'll miss these folks a LOT! :(


The Pursifull Family said...

It was so good to see you and meet Paul! We had a great time hanging out with you guys. We have a little sticker chart hanging on our refrigerator that we started...he is a little young, so it hasn't been the best but we need to be more consistent about adding the stickers too!!! You looked great!

Jenny said...

Great pictures! We also had a was great seeing you and meeting Paul! I'm just bummed I didn't get to say goodbye to you guys...oh well maybe next time.
The sticker chart...let me know if that works! I think my boys would just pull off the stickers and eat them! LOL!

Annisa said...

You just provided more proof that the threes are WAY worse than the twos. I feel your pain! Clara hasn't hit it yet, but I'm sure it's coming. Sasha went through the same thing!

Glad you had a good time in TX.

Anonymous said...

Tina- I LOVE your hair in these recent photos! SO CUTE! -Buffy