Thursday, October 16, 2008

Feeling Good...lovin' life.

For the time being at least.

I'm still feeling a little something in the my throat, but it's mostly in the morning and at night. I've been going to bed uber early, and waking up refreshed; and this morning both of the girls slept until 7:45! And one of them was so delightful! Well, both of them were, but sometimes (ahem, most of the time) one does not wake up delightful.

AppleFest is set to go. I'm just ironing out all the minor details, like bathroom signs, detour signs, cones & barricades, printing enough of everything for the volunteers, and making sure I have checks for all the entertainment. So far so good...I'm not excited about the 4 am wake up call, but I'm a morning person, so once I'm up I'm up :-)

Things with Big wee one are steadily improving. The girl was definitely tired, hence sleeping in so late today. She's been telling me she's tired a lot lately, which makes me feel this big (thumb and pointer demonstrating an inch) for getting so angry with her when all she needs is some sleep. But. Guess what? I'm not perfect and heck, I was tired too. So take two grumpy, tired, bullheaded Flohr girls, mix them together and you get a big stew of crabbiness!

She still loves me though. And I still love her :-)

Ok, off to get things done. I wish I had a picture to update with, let me see if I have anything I can post on here for grins and giggles :-)
These pictures are from a trip we took to Bald Head Island 2 years ago (wow...I can't believe that was 2 years ago, well, almost 2 years ago) with 3 other moms and 9 kids all together! CRAZY! It was fun, but it sure was crazy :-) What great friends!

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