Thursday, October 16, 2008


I just walked down to the coffee shop to talk with the owner about tomorrow's AppleFest and while I was in there two older ladies stopped me to tell me they thought my skirt was really cute. Isn't that nice :-)
That was the 2nd time that happened this morning and what makes me so happy about it is 1) they were women. We don't stop another lady to tell them they look nice unless they really do look nice. Men honk, whistle and stop if you have high wasted tapered jeans's different when a woman compliments you. And 2) my skirt is really a dress :-)'s a tube dress, but the "tube" part of it slides down my front (I'm not sporting the sistas like I used to) so I fold the top down and now I have a skirt that gives me extra support in my tummy :-)
It's nice to improvise!
I hope you get stopped today and some ladies tell you nice things as well. Happy Thursday!

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