Friday, October 17, 2008

Watch Me :-)

Tonight on Hagerstown NBC 25 news @ 5 pm.
I said, "Wazoo"; YOU SAYS THAT?????????!!
Update: they did not use the little blurb where I said Wazoo, instead, they used the blurb where I fling my arms around and talk about
I was interviewed this afternoon in regards to AppleFest, and at one point (I'm admitting, but I'm not impressed with myself at all) I said, "Come visit C-Burg...blah, blah blah and we'll have food out the wazoo."
Thank you dear Father above for editing software!
It's can laugh, I've been laughing about it all day. I would post a link to the video here, but really I don't want to impress you with my insane interview skillzzzz...ha!

Peace out, I should be alseep by now.

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Marie said...

i want the link. now thankyouverymuch ;)