Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Settling down...

AppleFest is over and I thought over all it went great! Next mission to accomplish: the CHRISTMAS PARADE.
Life is good in Flohr land. We've been busy and sick. Big wee one is finally back on track and acting like a "normal" 3 year old instead of the crazy, scary one she was acting like. She was in major need of normal rest, daily schedule and some way healthy food; I've been "doctoring" her meals as much as I can. Muaaa-aaah-aaaahh... It's nice to have her back again :-)

Little wee one is sick again and back on antibiotics which means the diaper scene is pretty scary. Ugh. Oy. Yuck! I'm hoping to have her potty trained around Christmas, if not before. She wants to sit on the potty all the time and tells me when she wants to change her diaper, so she's getting ready. I just need to take the actual time to do it. Big wee one was a breeze to potty train, so I'm hoping the little one follows nicely in her footsteps.

The girls are excited about halloween quickly approaching and have been flaunting their costumes whenever they have the chance. We went to a MOMs club diddy this morning and I'm hoping that my new friend Marie will email me some pics of the Dorothy's

Not too much to talk about. Sorry.

That could definitely be a good thing.

Paul and I will be celebrating 5 years of wedded bliss on the 1st of November and we've asked some friends to join us for dinner. One of them asked if we wanted to be alone, but we like to hang with other fun folks, and we'll be alone later anyway ;-) We are thinking we'll probably get our sitter to come a litte early and we'll go have a couple of drinks together, just the two of us.
On the 10th, we had our monthly MNO (MOMs Night Out) and decided a haunted house could be no match for us moms. I mean seriously, what scary dude can scare those of us who have or have had 3 year olds! HA! We laughed in the face of creepy scarey dudeds! Not really, most of us were pretty scared. Only AFTER the fact was I all, "Heck, that wasn't scary at all, I mean come on, they didn't even chase us with a chainsaw!" Here is the picture before we went in.

Afterwards, since the haunted house took a total of 18.4 minutes, we decided a little karoake action was in order. So, we hit up the local hot spot, sang (terribly), laughed our asses off and of COURSE, Twinkle Toes Tina (thanks Tracie) had to shake her groove thang. I have been wanting to do this for awhile, just let loose and get down and funky, boy did we ever! See how I'm dancing with all the OLD ladies (no offense Old ladies, I feel your inner grove coming out)...see how you don't notice anyone else in the picture?? That's ok, there is no shame in my game! I came out of the bathroom to find this, it's a GOOD THING no one caught my singing on video, because it was HORRIBLE! LOL, no offense J&S, but we should definitely stick to our day jobs, you can kind of hear me in the end joining in with them. What a freaking fun night! After busting this joint, we hit up a local hole in the wall kind of place and TOE'UP the dance floor there! We rocked the party, ROCKED THE PARTAY!

The next morning after my singing debut and dance marathon with my gf's, we decided to have a play group. We did crafts, which included pumpkin butts and ghost feet :-)
Sometimes when I set my camera on manual settings I get these funky pictures. I kind of like their spooky qualities :-)
Playing on the swing set at Jules' house. Those are the best play dates, when you load up a ton of kids and just let them do their thang, while the moms sip coffee and chit chat the morning away.Look at my gf in the background...too funny! Girls definitely rule the roost at these get togethers.Big wee one painting some kind of master piece.Little wee one and her friend Lil.If there is a princess dress in site, she will have it on soon!Little wee one driving me somewhere :-) Probably crazy...heheTaco Tuesday at Uncle Airwick's house.Uncle Airwick & myself. He'll be leaving again soon :( We'll miss ya!Hanging with Uncle AirwickCrazy moon when we left Eric's house...spooky!Big wee one insisted I take a pic of the two of them in their Dora pj's. Goofballs!Big wee one took this picture of Little wee one. She's really into taking pictures these days.Just playing outside one afternoon.Isn't she sweet :-)Daddy can't deny this little girl, she looks just like him!LOOK! She's actually looking at the camera and smiling.I like this picture of my Mom.Here is Mimi and Big wee one.Let's throw a Little wee one in there.Oh, wait, she's getting a little side-tracked.

Ok, Mom, let me just get this little feather looking thing here...

And turn around to tickle Mimi...

You think you can run and hide, but I'll getcha!

Here I come!

Another spooky looking picture that I like.Word is, if you see a lot of these it means there is going to a bad, snowy, cold winter. I can tell you this isn't the FIRST of these that we have seen...kind of creepy and cute at the same time.


hot garlic said...

I didn't get a chance to read this post yet, but if that was your daughter she is absolutely PRECIOUS! Seriously, SO adorable.

Thanks for your comment, lurk away lurk away. I refuse to make my blog private and couldn't care less if strangers are on it. I am not going to live my life thinking because I have a blog some creep could find us and kill us all, it's just ridiculous.

I'd love to come back when I get some time and see what these medical issues are all about and other things.

Dena said...

So cute. And you know its so adorable how each of your kids looks like each of you..