Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On the 4th Day {before} Christmas

We ate some of the WORST sushi EVER!

Cathy, is one of my greatest friends in the WHOLE world! We met about 3 years ago, became friends, then stopped talking (for whatever reason) and then realized that our friendship just couldn't be denied. The girl loves me!
She's my "go-to" gal...when I need a cup of sugar, I go to Cathy. When Cathy needs a trash bag, she comes to me. When I need a cup of ice coffee during the hot summer months, I go to Cathy. When Cathy needs to walk away from her house during a crazy moment, she comes to my house.
She is my go-to girl.
And she's moving.
I'm sad. Heartbroken. I'm not gonna show her though, because she's tough. She doesn't cry like I do. You know how she told me she was (finally moving, I've been hearing she's going to move for like a year) moving? She walked in, asked to "borrow" a dryer sheet, told me she was moving, and then walked out. I stood in shock, and then decided I would harrass her about it for the next 3 weeks! Which I have :-)
Do you know who else is going to be extremely heartbroken???
Big wee one. Big wee one and Cathy's daughter are the BEST. OF. FRIENDS. They wake up asking to see each other, they play so great together, they bug their siblings together...she's going to DIE! Ugh, life is going to be hard at the Flohr house. How am I going to explain that she can't just run down to Maddie's house after we get home? Or that Maddie and the boys can't come color at our house?
So, to my great friend...best of luck! I will miss you terribly, and yes we will come visit, but it's not the same as sitting in the driveway yelling at our kids to get out of the road every afternoon afternoon. Sharing the best new book we've read. Or making something yummy and running down to give you/me some to share.
No one will ever take your place. No one will ever drive by my house like you do and NOT wave to me. No one will ever let my daughter stay at their house until bed time like you do. Basically, you and your friendship will never be replaced.
To celebrate our last Hills episode together, we ate the worst sushi in the world, your yummy chinese creation, picked at a box of chocolates and drank wine. We painted our toes Christmas red, and chatted. What a nice and relaxing night.
Thanks Cathy, for being such a great friend! I really will be so sad to see you guys move next week!

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Marie said...

oh that is so sad!!!! glad you had some fun times though...