Sunday, December 21, 2008

On the 5th Day {before} Christmas

Mimi & Mommy took Big Wee one to see this... What a cute little movie. Big wee one's favorite part was seeing Despereaux as a baby mouse. She did pretty good through-out the whole movie, eating almost a whole bag of popcorn (tums, please!) and drinking a huge, large water!
Before we went to see the movie, Big wee one accompanied me on a bunch of shopping errands. She had such a great day, and inbetween shopping and the movie she colored ornaments. Little wee one was sleeping and hanging out with Daddy.
What a nice relaxing weekend we all had. :-)
Thanks Mimi for taking us to see this cute little movie!


Marie said...

mice, mice, everywhere...hmphf ;)

The Wise Family said...

It does seem to be a recurring theme...
Did YOU like the movie, Tina? It looks really cute.