Sunday, December 21, 2008

On the 6th Day {before} Christmas

We relaxed and lounged.

When does that actually get to happen during the holiday season? Well, for us, it did! We woke up this morning and rushed over to Mimi & G-pa's house to deliver some presents that will go another a further delivery mission. We decided to keep Mimi company for a few hours, and then headed home to...SLEEP!

With the past 2 weeks being full of sick kids, sick Mommy and run down Daddy, we all needed some much needed Saturday snooze time. Big wee one and I didn't get too muh snoozing in, but we did play a cool game of "eye spy" and "who says/makes this sound?".
After we all decided to get moving, we headed to Lowes for some nuts/bolts (man stuff) and then had a little Saturday drive. We finished the evening off with pizza, coloring, watching Ratatouille (sp) and the girls hitting the sack at 7pm.
The night was ours. We had invited friends over, but were (no offense guys) thrilled to just plop on the couch and snuggle when they declined. We haven't seen days like this in a LONG time...especially the snuggling on the couch part. We flipped between the movie above and football, and I fell asleep roughly around 9 pm.
Oh, what a day!


Jenny said...

I love Saturdays were mommy and daddy can nap! Those are the best! You tree looks beautiful! Merry Christmas Flohr's!

Marie said...

i LOVE your tree!