Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 on Tuesday

  1. I have been exhausted! Paul and I both worked IceFest...me working, he and the lax team picking up trash all weekend long. We have to make sure that Chambersburg stays beautiful with all of the extra foot traffic and trash :-) When I get some more energy, I'll upload some pics from IceFest.
  2. I feel like I'm starting to get a cold, but I'm holding it off. I won't get sick. I won't get sick. I.Won't.Get.Sick.

  3. Little wee one is sick...she's got the croup. She's feeling pretty good, but has a nasty cough. She started sterioids today, and that opens her body up to all kinds of infections, so I'm hoping she doesn't get sick again after we finish the medicine.
  4. Another friend of mine is converting to digi scrapping...hehehe!

  5. I took almost a 2 hour nap this afternoon...I soooo needed it!

  6. I had Little wee one's hair cut into a bob last night that is layered in the back...it's really cute.
  7. Lacrosse season starts in a month minus one day.

  8. This is the page I just finished:
    We are going to visit them this weekend.

9. I can't think straight...I need to go to bed, but I'm semi-scrapping/updating the blog with friends. We are leaving to go home in 10 minutes, so soon I will be in bed. I.WILL.NOT.GET.SICK.
10. I was able to visit some friends 2 weekends ago. Here are some pages I did then:


Jenny said...

Very cute pages! I love the "eye lashes" one! That's my favorite!

AmyB said...

Great pages! Too bad you are too far away to teach me how :)

Ramey and Stephanie said...

LOVE your pages. I hope you're feeling better! I would love to be taught how too! I still just make cards.