Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's all Black & White

Because I didn't feel like going through and fixing all of the colors and lighting and what not...it takes work to make a picture THAT much more beautiful...hehe! I've made all of these pictures B&W...easy :)
Let's get started!
We visited Grandma & Grandad at the beach 2 weekends ago and had a very pleasant time. I took the girls to breakfast, its kind of our special thing when we go to Berlin, MD, and then we hit the beach, had crabs and the next day Paul and I got to play a round of golf.
We've never taken the girls to ride the rides on the boardwalk, so we decided to walk the 14 blocks from where we were on the beach. The girls LOVED all the kites, Little wee one fell asleep and Big wee one had a pretty nice ride...LWO actually fell asleep while walking! How does that happen?? She missed out on riding the rides, so I took her place and rode with BWO.
LWO was being so sweet on the way home from the beach, back to Grandma's house...BWO was drooling in her sleep, but this sweet thing was rested from her sleepwalk!When we got home, look what we found!! We've been waiting for these GIANT sunflowers to
This won't happen overnight though, well, actually it does...these suckers sprouted up from teeny tiny seeds we planted...but it took a lot of TLC and this: and believe me, they LOVE watering the plants! Little green thumbs.
Paul's been playing in an adult lax league on Tuesday nights and it just so happens that a local food/fun joint is really kid friendly and kids eat FREE on Tuesday's and get to play putt-putt for $1!! HEELLOOOOOO!! Can't beat that with a stick!
We were lucky to be joined by our friends...they are actually the ones that told us about this hip joint...BWO was being her regular photogenic self :)
The next week I was super busy with Old Market Day. We made it through the week with sick kids, sick kids at the sitter's and life in general all in one piece. I am still exhausted though! This is what it looked like when I got to work in the morning...
And about 5 hours later the streets were filled with people! The weather was beautiful and the crowds were plentiful!
Now that Old Market Day is over and we can chillax for a bit, Paul and I decided to sign BWO up for swimming lessons. This girl is freaked by water. Not the ocean...nope, she loves jumping waves, it's the pool. She just doesn't dig it at all, but she wants to. You can see in her face and her attitude that she wants to jump in and have fun, but she's just a little timid.
First things first...you have to get in the water. Slow & steady wins the race...ha!Notice how everyone else is wet and she's just like, "Um, yea...go right ahead, I'll wait right here."
Atleast she started to blow some bubbles.
Day 2 started out a little better. She had her goggles on, even though she took them off soon after and immediately started practicing putting her face in the water. At one point I walked by her and she said, "Mommy look...(puts her face under, pops back up and continues) Now can I get my ears pierced?" hehe! She's been asking to get her ears pierced and we said that if she passed her swimming and that meant putting her face in the water we would talk about it.
A little floating fun. Her hair is wet! That's proof that she's been putting her face in...way to go big girl!I was so proud to see her do this!! And it's only day 2! I'm excited to see how the rest of the week goes...till then :)


Jessica said...

Hi!! Just stopping by from The Digichick to say hi! :) What adorable girls you have and those photos look fabulous in B&W. ;)
Jessica (justJess)

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Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Page 34 post on Aug. 31, 2009. Thanks again.