Friday, July 17, 2009

I've been notified

That I haven't been keeping up my blog lately, and I'll tell you why!

1)this is a very busy time for me at work. Old Market Day is this Saturday from 9am-4pm and the two weeks leading up to the day totally consumes my every moment

CELEBRATE! the Arts @ Old Market Day

Saturday, July 18th from 9am - 4pm

visit me! I'll be on the square in front of the Heritage Center in a bright orange shirt!

2)when i'm not consumed by Old Market Day I've been scrapping; much to the dissmay of Paul. He says I've been scrapping too much, but honestly it's like a drug. I can't stop and all of the gorgeous kits I get to work with...what's a girl to do???

3)it's summer time. we play outside a lot, which means I'm twiddling with my now massive "little" garden or sitting on the patio watching the girls play.

So, I'm not neglecting my duties as a blogger. I'm just consumed with life right now and I will get back to my regularly scheduled blog programming...AND, if you have blogger, you know how ridiculously long it takes to post pics and then rearrange their's frustrating. I'm tempted to shop around for a new blog home, but again, haven't really taken the time to do so.

With that being said, I will post this Sunday with pictures from our beach trip, some LOs I've completed...there's a new store opening up and the kits are AMAZING. I can't post those LOs yet, but let me tell you, they are so cute!
Here's my sweet little niece!! I'm not sure I've posted this or not, but I'll be an AUNTIE again!! Little Munchkin's little sister will be here in November!! :) CONGRATS & We LOVE YOU!

Happy Now Jules?? LOL ;-)


Marie said...

oh i hope the rain goes away-saturday should be fun...and hahaha love the orange shirt :)

Jules said...

YES!!! Excuses, excuses...I love the photo of your niece, she is adorable! Sorry we'll miss Old Market Day, but have fun!!!! Great job, I know it's always a fun and crowded event!

Count said...

Hi Tina
Loved the pics you've posted on RTP.
Great blog site, all the best and looking forward to seeing some more.

AmyB said...

You have been neglecting your blog :) Your downtown area looks really cute!