Thursday, July 9, 2009

Weekly Specials & 2 FREEBIES + Family

Get 'em while they are hot :)

It's your weekly installment of what's hot, fresh and funky for your scrapping needs :) hehe! And then stay tuned for some pics of the girls (I was going to resize them and fix them and add my little photo tag to them, but honestly....BLOGGER IS TAKING FORRRRREEEEVVVVEERRRRRR). I also have a couple of quickpage freebies for ya :)

Let's start with Amy :)

She's got this really cute collab kit out with SimplyScraps called Comical and it is SUPER cute (get it?? a hero?? you know SUPER HERO!!)
So I created this page of my big brother spinning my Big wee one by her legs. Aren't uncles the coolest??

I told you that was a cute kit...all my peeps with boys need to snag this up and get busy! If you click on the kit above my LO, it will bring you to the store and you can buy it!
Next is Away from Home by Jana....her style is different from Amy's but I love it equally!

I used this kit to document 2 of my favorite pictures from our family beach trip to Bald Head Island. I have soooo many pictures to get scrapped (from that trip) and this kit will fit perfectly with a lot of them! Below is BWO walking the beach with her Mimi & G-pa (yes, she really calls him G-Pa...but really it's more like Ja-pa. She was French in another life!) This kit is perfect for so many different types of pictures...from little kids (cool messy handprint) to family vacations and everything in between!
Below, I have two quickpage freebies for you! All you have to do is click on them to download them and add your own picture, journaling and whatever else you want....or you can just add a picture and leave it as is. It's yours...FREE! Aren't I nice? :)

Please do not claim these LOs as your own, and leave some feedback if you like 'em :)...thanks!!

FAMILY!! Yes, it's time to talk about the wee ones and our awesome 4th of July weekend; which all started downtown at First Fridays. An event the Downtown Business Council puts together the first friday (hence the name) of the month from May - October. Since this past one fell so close to the 4th of July, we really went all out for the event. We had the best kids entertainment and face painting, crafts and SO MUCH MORE! I absolutely love this part of the job, and seeing so many people downtown enjoying a beautiful night out with their family and friends. And though I didn't get any pictures of him, my dad was there giving out free sample of his wine...great reviews on everything all around! Can't wait for the next First Friday :)
The wee ones made their visors and Little wee one actually wore hers (for a little while)...I couldn't get her to stand still and just smile, she kept walking towards me to get closer to the camera.Oh look, she's sitting, and though this is a cute picture of her, I don't think it really looks like looks like her, but a different version of her. Here's Big wee one waiting to get her face painted. She's doing magic tricks with Mr. Bowers the Magician (I'm not sure what his stage name is, but that's his name, we'll go with that). Every time he handed her the magic wand it broke! She was really getting a kick out of it. She even drew, colored and erased a whole coloring book...we are now taking bookings for your birthday parties! The girls got magic skills for sure!Miss Penelope does AWESOME face painting, and lucky for all those attending, I work out a great deal with her and she does it for FREE! Miss Penelope also holds a special place in Big wee one's heart (vice-versa)...Miss Penelope is known as Miss Judy to BWO, and she was one of her teachers at Mother's Day Out. BWO really gets excited when she knows she can get to see Miss Judy and get her face painted! Always as a princess!Little wee one went with a butterfly (that's her face painting of choice) and looked so stinking cute!After getting our faces painted we walked further downtown to try out some magic ice cream and check things out. Big wee one wanted to stick her head in these bodies, so we did :) After we got a little bite to eat, we headed back to the kids area for chalk and music. The musical entertainment was AWESOME! They had kids up there singing and playing instruments...very entertaining...can you tell the way all 4 of these wee ones are staring in that direction...hehe. Those are friends of ours. BWO's friend Reesie and LWO's friend Mitchell...cuteness! The next day was the 4th of July and we had a full day of fun planned. First we went swimming at the Showalter's and then came home for naps and rest before having a small bbq that turned into an amazing fireworks specatular! Our friends the Woolf's came over with their 4 girls and we all noshed on delicious food. After stuffing ourselves we pulled out smoke bombs and all of the kids (can you tell in this picture?? It's hard to catch jumping from behind) were jumping, clapping and yelling. It was so much fun! They were pumped for fireworks!Uncle Airwick started doing a mini-fireworks show and was a HUGE hit! By the end of the night (my camera died for awhile, so I missed a LOT of cool picture opportunities) all of the kids (there must have been about 20 kids total) were screaming "Eric! Eric! Eric! More. More. More" and my friends and I (the adults) were all yelling, "Airwick! Airwick!". The kids were turning around and yelling at us that it was was pretty funny! Anywho, they put on an amazing fireworks disply, and even though BWO looks freaked, she's really laughing in the picture below.This is Uncle Airwicks display, that you can't really see because my camera was getting tired and Paul had made me too many drinks, so things weren't working out well for us :) But you can see all the kids watching...lots of kids! At one point, all of them were running around like crazy mad sparkler people. Like little fireflies! But of course, like I said, my camera was being a terd and I was enjoying Paul's drink mixtures.Here's one of Airwick's fireworks. Pretty!Self-shot! Does it look like we've all had a good time?? hehe!At one point, Little D (a friend's little man) came running up with a glow stick (seriously...we're hiring out Uncle Airwick for parties as well! He's a one-stop package deal, especially on the 4th of July. He brought glow sticks for the kids, and even though he didn't have enough for every kid, all of them had fun throwing them and chasing them)...he said, "look what I got! I traded Little wee one my soda for it!"

note: i did not enhance or fix any pictures, ignore LWO's red eye!

The soda certainly didn't stop her from zonking out! We were all tired, but this 4th was definitely one of the best we've celebrated in a LONG time! What was planned for a nice and relaxing evening turned into a full-blown FUN BASH! Thanks for coming everyone and we can't wait to do it again next year!

We are headed to the beach tomorrow for the weekend....have a great one yourself! :)

**If you are having any issues with links for the freebies, please let me know! I'm having a booger of a time with blogger and the computer (and blogger) just better be happy they still have their lives right now** :)


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